The Future

We see many new games being created all of the time, but some of those games break the way that we usually game in a great way. Some example of this are Minecraft (2009) and XCOM (2012). Gamers are going to continue having games that will again elevate our standards and break the mold of all-too-familiar genres.

That’s the future we see, and a future that Ataxia Games is going to help bring about.

The Past

Ataxia Games got its roots from a 14 year old boy who was displeased with the way that many games played. The final straw was actually from playing Dungeons and Dragons, 2nd Edition (before it becoming the property of Wizards of the Coast). Our founder, the boy, was an avid player of D&D, but he realized that the game relied less on character stats, and more on the random results of the dice that were used. Likewise, he was also disenchanted by the types of RPGs where there’s no actual character stats whatsoever.

On October 18, 1997, after coming home from a D&D session, our founder told his 13 year old brother – who happened to be a pretty good programmer already – about his dislike for the randomness that D&D’s game-play relied on. Without hesitation, his brother told him, “Well, then why don’t you make your own game?” Floored by the distinct reality of that being an option, he immediately set to the task, starting with his own table-top RPG that he called “Peril: Age of Chaos”.

Peril was well liked, much played, and continuously designed by he and many of his friends until his joining the Marine Corps in March of 2007, after which he continued to develop it whenever he had the chance. It wasn’t until 2012 – during his time stationed in Okinawa, Japan – that he decided that it was worth it to pursue his desire to share it and other game ideas he’s had with the world. This would later lead to the establishment of Ataxia Games as the business it is today.

About the Name

Ataxia Games gets its name from the old Greek meaning of the word ataxia, which essentially means chaos. The word was initially used in Peril as part of a suggestion from one of the founder’s friends who was helping in developing the world at the time. The suggestion was meant to be the name of a faction of warriors called the Ataxian Fist, and its meaning was later realized when reading the description for the suggested faction. While the faction was renamed in the end, the founder imagined that it might someday be used as part of the name of his own game production company.

Who We Are

Currently, the business aspect of Ataxia Games is just starting off. Resultantly, we have no staff members at this time.

Graham K Lewis

Founder & Manager

Graham is the 14 year old boy mentioned who started it all back in 1997. He later established Ataxia Games as an LLC of Arizona, USA in 2019, and is an active participant in the design of every game made by Ataxia Games.

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